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What do you get

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You receive 5 personalized suggestions.

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Why can you trust us

Why can you trust us

We deployed over 60 advanced IT solutions for the leaders of the most significant industries on polish and EU markets.

Stability and experience that comes with 8 years of presence on the market.

Over 40 experts in technologies like Magento, Symfony2, AngularJs, Vue.js, Android, iOS.

Award winning e-Commerce solutions (Poland’s e-Commerce Awards 2015 - Mobile design of the year).

The e-stores we built make millions every month.

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Just fill out the form, and we will return to you with 5 tips you should consider implementing on your website. Additionally you will receive a free e-book „100 & One questions about your e-Commerce”.

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The why in why do we do it

The why in why do we do it

The "why" in "why do we do it" is rather simple. We are customers ourselves in our daily live. By being experts in developing and implementing e-Commerce solutions we create online stores that we would like to buy from ourselves.

While we cannot build e-Commerce for every company out there, we can give back to the market by sharing knowledge that will make their stores a better shopping experience for customers.

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